The primary responsibility of local government is to provide a safe environment for our residents.

The Town of Oro Valley has a history of strongly supporting public safety and of providing the resources our police officers need.

We have been fortunate to have dedicated officers and exceptional leadership under former Chief Danny Sharp. I was very pleased by the selection of Chief Kara Riley, and expect that under her leadership we will continue to improve on our “Best in Arizona” police department.

Our police leadership and sworn officers require adequate funding to support the effective public safety programs we depend upon.

I will continue that strong support when on Council, to ensure that Chief Riley has the resources she needs to accomplish her vital mission.

Town revenues are dependent on a good economy with local sales taxes and state income tax sharing. Because of COVID-19, in the near future, we may experience lower town revenues, however I will ensure that Oro Valley public safety needs are met first, then look to continue our support of other important town programs.