After completing the Oro Valley Community Academy, I was interested
to see how town government and commissions worked. I began attending Town Council meetings, and Planning and Zoning Commission meetings, and found the rezoning application reviews biased in favor of developers and land owners.

To maximize the value of land, re-zonings were without exception requested for higher densities, smaller setbacks, and taller structures. This was not surprising, it was what you would expect developers and landowners to do. But our Town staff rarely demanded supporting details, recommended approval of every submission, and eased the projects through the multi step process. Public meeting summaries of neighbor complaints were sanitized!

How do I know this? In many cases I attended the meeting and saw that my own input was not addressed in the Staff reporting. Of course, any input that did not fit the Staff narrative was later ignored at the Planning and Zoning Commission and council reviews.

During the eight years under the Hiremath “all growth is good” administration we have experienced overcrowding, loss of views and reduced open space. However, in 2016 with the addition of council members Pina, Rodman and Solomon, Mayor Hiremath had a 7-0 council. General Plan amendments requiring a 5-2 super majority were now “a done deal” and the 2016 voter approved General Plan was no longer controlling but only a guide.

Between 2016 and 2018 the voter approved General Plan was amended five times and the process has not been correctly followed. Click HERE for more detail.

Oro Valley will grow with new residents and new businesses. My commitment to you is that I will insist upon responsible growth that benefits ALL town residents, and correctly follows our “Your Voice Our Future 2016 General Plan” amendment processes.