Economic development is essential to guarantee Oro Valley’s future. By attracting new employers and supporting the growth of current employers, we can create economic sustainability. Such growth provides good paying jobs for residents, and reduces the need to commute to Tucson or Phoenix for work. Growth of local employment in industries where employees add significant value to the product are a true economic engine because new value is created within our Town borders.

Oro Valley has made great progress in past years by attracting quality employers in aerospace, medical services, and biotech industries. However, we must always acknowledge that employers relocated to Oro Valley because it made sense as a whole for them. Our geographic location, far from interstate highways, rail and airports, must not be an obstacle to their long term success. What Oro Valley can offer is a highly desirable place to live for their employees they wish to retain. Thus, Oro Valley must target new employers that will value the benefits Oro Valley can provide over the long term. What Oro Valley can never do is fail to realize that current residents and businesses have made a long term investment in our Town.

A new area of job growth has started through partnerships with the University of Arizona. This is the direct result of the efforts of previous councils who developed regional relationships from which we all benefit today.

  • An Incubator for new companies – University of Arizona Center for Innovation at Oro Valley is underway to provide labs and work space for emerging companies to commercialize state of the art U of A and local company research and patents.
  • The University of Arizona Veterinarian school is another big step forward that strengthens our mutually beneficial partnership.

By following our voter approved 2016 General Plan, we can achieve the economic growth Oro Valley needs without destroying what we love about Oro Valley. We believe that our General Plan is a responsible plan and our Town Council should seek to follow it whenever possible.