Tim Bohen is a Southern California native who moved to Oro Valley in 2015.

Without question, Oro Valley has been the best town Tim has ever lived in.

Tim has a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from UCI, MS in Manufacturing Engineering from USC, and an MBA from Loyola Marymount.

Tim is a Certified Systems Engineering Professional as designated by the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE).

He graduated from the Community Academy in 2016 and the Citizens Academy in 2017. Tim was appointed to the Oro Valley Historic Preservation Commission in January 2017 and has served on the Commission for the past two years

Tim is a volunteer mediator with the Arizona Attorney General’s office. His interests include aviation and history, with his greatest interest currently being frontier life and how the West was settled.

Tim is a Red Cross platelets donor. Tim encourages everyone who can donate platelets to consider doing so. Platelets are always in high demand but the capacity needed to collect them is fixed and expensive. You can help by keeping the donation slots at Foothills Mall Red Cross filled.

Tim is unhappy with the performance of the incumbents who are running, particularly their performance in 2019-2020. Tim feels the incumbents have simply not accepted that a sizable majority of our Town decided to go in a different direction in 2018. The incumbents have not offered real alternatives that reflect their own independent thinking. Instead, they have doubled-down on failed Hiremath policies. Failing in that, they have chosen to attack their fellow Council members personally.

Insinuating that the newly elected Council members value public safety any less than any other Town resident was a low moment in Tim’s view. Also an insistence on allowing their political supporters to serve on Commissions for up to 10 years when many other capable residents are willing to offer their time is a practice that Tim hopes Oro Valley will never return to.

Tim would like to see former Council members and Commission members participate in the democratic process by attending public meetings and providing their input in front of the Town in public hearings. We all can learn a lot when we work in opposition from the audience. Tim can assure you of this:

Whether elected or not, Tim assures you that he will continue to actively participate in Oro Valley public meetings.

For Tim’s full resume, click HERE.